Everyday, Fleets get dented, scratched, and scraped in minor accidents. These Fleets can be fixed in the same day with the Fleet Express Scratch Repair™ Program. By using the Fleet Express Scratch Repair™ Program, a fleet refinish facility can capitalize on an overlooked market segment (small damage repair) and generate a new revenue stream.  The Fleet Express Scratch Repair™ Program utilizes our OEM-approved, HP Process™ using our fastest air-dry primer system, the Genesis® HP High Performance Single Stage System, or the Genesis® G4 Premium Basecoat System with HPC15 or HPC21 air-dry clearcoat. The technology behind our products and the training that The Sherwin-Williams Company has to offer can help you ignite your business and grow sales. By using the fastest products we have to offer in conjunction with the Fleet Express Scratch Repair™ Program, you now have a complete package available to help you increase revenue through additional productivity.

Simplified Damage Assessment Tools

The Fleet Express Scratch Repair™ Program damage assessment tools provide a quick and easy quote for the repair of minor damage. This repair quote is the driving force behind a customer repairing their fleet vehicle. For your fleet facility to capture these customers we have developed great tools that are sure to meet your needs.

• Integrate your information and logo
• Print or hand-write quotes
• Save customer and quote information

Damage assessment tools that are customizable through our Marketing Creator Program. This allows customers to customize the look of the damage assessment guide, pricing menu, and assessment sheets using their own pricing, labor rates and labor hours. Contact us for more information.

Start Today - Take advantage of customized marketing material, online proofing, fast turnaround time, superior quality, and low cost. Order the quantities you need. Simply log in to your account to access this 24/7 user-friendly tool. Create a user account the first time you order, which will allow you to create your login and password for future orders.





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Fleet Express Scratch Repair™ Automotive Damage Assessment Program featuring the HP Process™ Refinish System:

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